First Premier Bank Credit Card

Because the First Premier Bank Credit Card has the highest APR probably in history, a lot of people really don't tend to like this card at all. We can really understand any people out there who just happen to have deplorable credit and will now have to apply for anything at all just to come out of the hole. These people who have the worst credit ever or the worst luck at getting a credit card are the ones that keep the First Premier Bank Credit Card in circulation. People who are in such situations with their credit tend to be the ones taken advantage of by predators because of their desperation for another change or their first chance.

One way the First Premier Bank Credit Card seems to take advantage is by making the cardholder pay all of the processing fees that are necessary to get the card to them in the first place. Also, with the credit limit usually being so small, by the time they receive the card they are already close to being over the limit many times. With all of the fees required to have the First Premier Bank Credit Card it has angered many people who don't seem to know about them after they have already activated their card. When the other banks with lower rates and fees won't even think of considering some people for a chance at credit, these are the types of things that people have to come to trying to catch a break.


We just need to tell you a little bit more about the First Premier Bank Credit Card and what is happening. Many complaints are circulating regarding the First Premier Bank Credit Card as is expected with a card of such high rates and fees. What seems to be the main problem in those that are complaining is that it's showing that many people simply do not read their terms and conditions or perhaps continue to get the card without a full understanding. Everything about every fee that comes to you with the account is already mentioned to you in your contract before you sign up. If people were really taking the time out as they claim to go over their terms and conditions for the First Premier Bank Credit Card they wouldn't complain in the ways they are complaining. This is not to say that their complaints on the rates and things aren't valid because they are right about that. However, those that are making the situation as if the APR and fees were never disclosed to them are simply not telling the full truth.

In the end, we just advise you to make sure to read the contract for the First Premier Bank Credit Card if it happens to be that you are one who will feel that you have no other options but to choose this card. So many others online have actually said that though the costs are high for the First Premier Bank Credit Card they were worth it. Many people have said that they have now been able to repair and build up their credit score because of the reporting to the credit bureaus because of this card.